A great debate has broken out in the tech community over the future of reality.


No, it is not entirely about the universe we inhabit and our perceptions of existence, at least not yet, anyway!


This particular great debate is about whether Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) has the more commercial future.


It was kicked off when Apple CEO Tim Cook gave an exclusive interview with ABC News.


On the show Good Morning America, Cook said: “There’s virtual reality and there’s augmented reality — both of these are incredibly interesting. But my own view is that augmented reality is the larger of the two, probably by far.”


AR is where digital imagery is imposed over real-life video and it exploded into the public’s consciousness with Pokemon Go in the summer. Real time images are overlaid by characters on a player’s phone in this hugely popular video game.


In contrast VR is known for the use of a headset and only digital imagery.


In Briteyellow’s universe, we don’t see such a dichotomy between these versions of reality. The future, we think, is one of Virtual and Augmented Reality as well as whatever exciting technologies have yet to emerge.


We say that with confidence because Briteyellow is already working in that combined space. Our patent pending 3D cloud indoor positioning technology, BriteLocate3D, enables the customers of high footfall venues to navigate around with VR and AR.


Far from needing a headset, like the games which use VR, the users of our high resolution BriteLocate3D can use their smartphones to navigate around.


For example, if a user wanted to find a coffee outlet in a large shopping centre, the app would help them find a brand of their choice and then show them the way. The user would just have to hold up their phone, where they would see a realistic 3D map, which would move as they move and indicate their direction of travel.


It’s so much more user-friendly than having to follow a 2D map!


Because BriteLocate3D knows the location of the user, we believe the marketing potential is enormous.


So there you have it.


Far from their being an artificial dichotomy between AR and VR, we see these two different types of “reality” working together in perfect harmony!


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