BriteLocate Platform

The BriteLocate Platform is an end-to-end solution which uses a broad range of data sources to generate actionable insights, increased user satisfaction and new revenue opportunities.

Single Platform Advantage

Easy Integration

The broad range of sensors and services required to provide Smart Places functionality means that connecting all these technologies can be an increasingly difficult task.

Having a single platform reduces the risk of technology integration.

Low Management Overhead

Having multiple suppliers has additional burden for finance and commercial not to mention supplier in-fighting.

BriteYellow is capable of managing all your location tracking needs simply and efficiently.

Single Source of Insights

Analytics is a complex field with ever increasing data. Working with them often involves struggling with multiple windows or exporting everything into Excel.

BriteLocate features a user friendly single portal to see your data from multiple places.

Cloud Portal

BriteLocate Cloud portal is our client portal for location insights. View virtual  Tours, Video Guides, Real Time Tracks and Heat Maps, and  Footfall Insights from our customer portal or connect it to your mobile apps and web portals for better engagement and interaction with your customers. 

Location Engine (SDK)

BriteLocate Loction Engine (SDK) is based on our patent pending Augmented and Virtual Reality  Indoor positioning and navigation technology powered by Artificial Intelligence. Use our software development kit to rapidly create better indoor way-finding and engagement experience for visitors. 

Footfall Counter

BriteLocate Footfall Counter is our smart people counting solution that uses HD imaging, WiFi, and Bluetooth positioning for more accurate footfall monitoring and benchmarking. It is for venue operators that want better insight into how people use their places. 

Location Tracking

BriteLocate Tracker is our people and asset Indoor tracking system. It uses UWB and mobile devices to track tagged assets and resources indoors to an accuracy from a few centimetres. 

BriteLocate represents an investment of more than fifteen years of collaborative R&D in interactive and wireless technology to enable smart cities and solve urban challenge.






Customer Satisfaction

Boost Speed to Market

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