Indoor Wayfinding technology that helps customers plan and find their way.

Can you imagine getting lost when outdoors in this day and age? 

Thanks to GPS, it is nearly impossible! No matter where you go, your smartphone can provide detailed directions to your destination and help you get there safely. 

However, it is not without limitations. 

GPS signals do not always work indoors and cannot be relied upon for navigation in large indoor venues. You will always find frustrated individuals struggling to find their way in large indoor places like airports, event venues, museums, shopping malls, and exhibition halls. The good news is there is a solution – advanced indoor wayfinding and navigation technology that can help people navigate any indoor facility easily and without anxiety.

Like Briteyellow’s AR & VR Indoor Wayfinding app!

Using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) our innovative app can guide people through your indoor facility. 


Indoor wayfinding provides detailed navigation help within indoor spaces. The technology uses a digital map of the venue, positioning algorithms, accessibility parameters and other related information to create intuitive routes that can help customers find their way within indoor venues easily and swiftly. 

What Does Indoor Wayfinding Include?

Indoor wayfinding solutions can include many features based on the type of technology used. It can feature simple arrow-based direction guidance, list detailed steps from point A to point B within an indoor facility, include photo navigation, and more.

Briteyellow’s cutting-edge indoor wayfinding solution provides high-definition personal guidance to people within an indoor facility using augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR). It helps alleviate the stress people experience when trying to find their route and destination in indoor venues.

Applications of AR & VR Indoor Wayfinding

Imagine going to a new place and knowing exactly where your destination is located even before entering the venue. Briteyellow’s AR and VR indoor wayfinding app makes this possible. All indoor venues, including hospitals, airports, universities, and museums, have become more complex and expansive. It has led to an increased demand for advanced indoor wayfinding and navigation systems that can enhance visitors’ experience and help the elderly, disabled and vulnerable navigate through indoor venues easily and confidently. Moreover, it is essential for businesses that people enjoy visiting their venue and do not struggle to find their destination. That’s where Briteyellow’s augmented and virtual reality indoor wayfinding app makes a difference. It helps take your visitor’s experience to the next level.

Why Briteyellow’s AR and VR Indoor Wayfinding

Briteyellow’s augmented reality indoor wayfinding application, BriteWay-XR, includes visual, haptic, and voice navigation to guide people through indoor places. With a precision of less than 1 metre, it is especially helpful in assisting the disabled, elderly, and vulnerable through optimised, step-free routes, allowing you to meet your inclusion and compliance goals. Visitors can hold their mobile devices in front of them as the app overlays dynamic directions and captions to lead them to their destination. 

Along with a high accuracy, Briteyellow’s VR wayfinding app also offers personalised navigation and contextual notifications that are highly effective in increasing engagement. Customers and staff can pre-plan their visit to your venue and can experience it virtually. The app allows customers to experience what your venue feels from the comfort of their homes, click and interact with the facilities to rehearse their visit, and pre-purchase items for collection on arrival. And most importantly, it reduces the health risks of using public facilities for the disabled, especially in stations and airports.

Some of the other ways businesses can benefit from choosing Briteyellow’s AR & VR wayfinding apps include:

  • Accurate indoor positioning without the use of GPS
  • Personalised navigation based on different mobility requirements
  • Self-service navigation on site
  • A hosted solution available on the web and mobile devices

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