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The Leading Smart Spaces Technology Company

Briteyellow provides Indoor Mapping, Wayfinding, and Asset Management solutions for transport, built environment, and retail operators that want to create intelligent spaces to improve user experience and unlock new revenue through Augmented and Virtual Reality.

We achieve this through our BriteLocate 3D Indoor positioning, navigation, and analytics platform that help operators to increase user engagement, drive revenues, and optimize performance of building assets.

Indoor Wayfinding

BriteLocate is our smart mobility application platform for facility owners that want to provide better indoor wayfinding and engagement experience for visitors.

Footfall Monitoring

BriteCounter is our smart people counting solution for operators that want better insight into how people use their places to drive desired behavior change.

Location Insights

Our BriteLocate 3D cloud platform, BScanner technology, and BriteZone solutions generate location insights for your venue that help you optimise asset performance.

Our global presence

 Our team is a talented group of highly reputable individuals that welcomes creative ideas and has a passion for all things technology. Techies at heart, we have a culture of forming strong partnerships and working with people who inspire each and every day.