Smart Places

Digitizing Indoor Spaces. Transforming Experience.

Briteyellow’s wayfinding applications and monitoring sensors unleash the power of indoor movement data for operators and service providers.

Our solutions enable you to locate, track and guide customers and staff more effectively.

Helping you to attract more customers, and manage your assets and resources more efficiently. Or provide greater duty of care and accessibility for people living and travelling with disability.

Unlock hidden Return on Investment by harnessing actionable insights in any dynamic or crowded environment with Briteyellow’s solutions. 

“At Briteyellow, we see a world where indoor spaces are smart, operators have a more complete understanding of how their spaces are used, and users are safer and happier through the use of ultra-precision sensors, augmented and virtual reality”.
Fredi Nonyelu


"For us, Briteyellow are the kind of scale-up we want to be working with. Not obsessed with their technology but on practical solutions to client problems”

Mike Davies

Innovation Manager, Transport for Wales

Enhancing customer experience

Data plays a crucial role in how businesses deliver customer experience that generates revenue.

Briteyellow is a smart technology company that can help your business take customer engagement and user experience to the next level. Using intuitive apps, plugins and technologies that businesses can use to monitor people and places to refine how they do business and engage with their customers.

Whether it is wayfinding in indoor spaces, tracking and counting footfall, virtual touring or remotely monitoring crucial health-related data, Briteyellow can offer advanced solutions to address all of these specific needs of large venues, businesses, and institutions.

Improving operational efficiency

Accessible real-time location data and digitalised asset maps are vital ways operators and service provides can manage their resources more efficiently in order to drive revenue growth and sweat assets. Briteyellow’s data capture platform provide the actionable insights you need to take your operational efficiency to new heights. Through smart sensors and applications for customers and staff, our solutions enable businesses to plan their resources, monitor assets, and utilise crowd forecasting to optimise the performance of their people and resources.

Find out more about how Briteyellow’s footfall counting, movement tracking, crowd forecasting,  can bring value to place operators and service providers.

Easy integration

Bringing innovation into your operating environment is a challenge for operators and service providers. Integrating many different components and applications is necessary, which is both complex and time-consuming. Briteyellow’s vertically integrated solutions makes it easy and simple.  Out of the box our solutions work together to bring you unparalleled insights.  You can quickly deploy our solutions to improve performance and optimise asset usage, from interfaces to our cloud data to application plugins to deploy customised applications. We are ISO27001, Cyber Essentials and GDPR certified bringing you greater security and peace of mind.

Learn more about how our indoor wayfindingfootfall counting, movement tracking, and crowd forecasting solutions work together to bring you the most powerful location insights hub.