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3D Venue Mapping

We map indoor places and spaces like stations, airports, and shopping malls, to create a digitized twin in mixed virtual and augmented reality.

This helps transport, infrastructure and retail operators to understand what is inside their places, how it operates, and how effectively their assets are deployed.


Additionally this improves customer experience through better user interfaces for wayfinding, engagement, interaction, usability and accessibility.

High Resolution Maps

Briteyellow uses the highest quality equipment available to ensure our customers have maps they can be proud of.

Point Cloud Data

Our leading point cloud data is used to fuel our mixed reality and way finding solutions.

Its made fully available to our clients for their own use cases and hosted by Briteyellow

Indoor Mapping For Any Industry

Whether you're in Transport, Entertainment, Retail or Government we have the solution for you.

Experts At Scale

Our experience means we have the capacity and understanding to map large scale venues while de-risking our clients from the issues that can occur with large venues.