One giant leap for smart communities

Two forward-thinking companies have teamed up in the drive to turn Milton Keynes into a smart, interconnected city.


Interactive and Wireless technology company Briteyellow and David Coles architects (DCa) have signed an agreement to collaborate in creating smart communities.


The initiative will enable the two parties to create virtual and augmented reality applications for new and existing neighbourhoods in Milton Keynes and elsewhere.


Fredi Nonyelu, chief executive of Briteyellow, said: “It is fantastic opportunity to create a ground-breaking new applications for smart communities.”


David Coles, of DCa, said: “We are excited to be working with Briteyellow to create the internet of places, spaces and things.”


The smart community applications will be created using Briteyellow’s BriteLocate3D smartphone application platform for virtual and augmented reality.


BriteLocate3D uses a patent pending indoor positioning and navigation technology to guide people around virtual and augmented reality indoor spaces on mobile phones.


DCa will bring its expertise in 3D modelling and visualisation to create building information models (BIM) and other content for the new applications.


The solution is being developed as part of the MK Smart initiative and will be made available to householders free of charge.


For more details on BriteLocate3D, visit:


To contact Briteyellow, visit:

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