Briteyellow has been revealed as an SME to watch in Elite Business Magazine.

The magazine article, written by Maurizio Pilu of the Digital Catapult, discussed the importance of collaboration in IoT as well as highlighting us as a company with a fantastic idea.


We won a place at a showcase event, held at the London headquarters of the Digital Catapult, because of our brand new product, the BriteLocate3D platform.


Being involved in the IoT showcase as one of 12 companies from across the country was an invigorating and exciting experience for us. There were a host of great ideas and being invited to be involved in it after having to convince a panel of judges was a terrific endorsement.


The internet of things has rightly been placed in the spotlight for its transformative potential.


We will see all kinds of applications coming forward in the next few years and I am pleased to say that Briteyellow is right at the forefront of IoT with our new app.


BriteLocate3D is a market-setting three dimensional mapping and location application and we were able to demonstrate it at the showcase event.


Getting to this point in the app’s development has been a journey of major investment and many, many hours of hard work. Maurizio’s article rightly highlights the multi-billion pound potential of the IoT to add wealth to the UK economy.


It also needs data to be available and shared, as it is in the innovative MK Smart Project in Milton Keynes and as Maurizio’s article argues.


We are on the brink of major transformations in the way we all live, work and play and it is so invigorating to be at the leading edge of these changes as we continue on Briteyellow’s journey.


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