Indoor Wayfinding

Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality.


Briteyellows indoor wayfinding app (BriteWay) is a  great solution for your customers to navigate through your facility. 

It helps remove the anxiety and stress involved when people struggle to find their route and final destination inside your places.

Integrate Briteyellow’s augmented and virtual indoor wayfinding solution with  BriteWay XR plugin or as a standalone app to bring high definition personal guidance for your customers.

Augmented Reality (AR) Indoor Navigation 

Briteyellow’s augmented reality indoor wayfinding application (BriteWay-XR) includes visual, haptic and voice navigation to guide all customers through your places.

With precision of less than 1 metre, it is especially helpful for the disabled, elderly and vulnerable, assisting them through optimised routes such as step free, allowing you to meet your inclusion and compliance goals.

Contact us to find out how you can use Briteyellow’s augmented reality indoor wayfinding solution inside your facilities. 

Visual positioning algorithm allows accurate indoor positioning without the use of GPS

Users can easily visualize the route and view and interact with virtual assets.

Different users have different mobility requirements.

Provide timely and relevant notifications for increased engagement.

Virtual Reality (VR) Tours

Briteyellow’s interactive virtual reality tours (BriteWay-XR) is the smart way to help customers and staff pre-plan their visit to your venue.

Using virtual reality (VR) in app your customers can plan journeys and know what is inside before arrival. They can experience what your venue feels like in advance, click and interact with the facilities to rehearse their visit, and pre-purchase items for collection on arrival. 

For the disabled it is a vital support to avoid the anxiety and health risks of using public facilities, especially in stations and airports.

Contact us today find out more about how you can use Briteyellow’s interactive virtual tours to grow your business.

Give visitors the confidence to navigate through your spaces from the comfort of their homes.

Reduce staffing needs by providing self-service navigation on-site.

Let your customers purchase goods from your virtual place.

A hosted solution available on web or mobile devices.

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