Transportation hubs like railway stations see the movement of millions of people every single day. The only way to ensure rail transportation services are efficiently utilised by people is to use an intelligent indoor wayfinding solution that improves accessibility, streamlines operations and provides a positive customer experience. A wayfinding solution like BriteWay-XR! Briteyellow’s AR and VR indoor wayfinding solution is the best way to bring high-definition personal guidance to rail transportation hubs and reduce the anxiety associated with locating specific locations within indoor premises.

Briteyellow’s indoor navigation solution is designed to revolutionise the rail travel experience. Our intuitive app can help visitors locate important areas and destinations within the railway station, and ensure they have a seamless travel experience from start to finish. On the other hand, operators can benefit from real-time data and analytics available through the application and improve their services and premises to meet customer demands accordingly.

One of the best features of Briteyellow’s indoor wayfinding app is that rail transportation hub operators can modify maps in real-time. This ensures a smooth flow of passengers in busy as well as quieter areas. In other words, our app can streamline passenger flow and prevent all kinds of interruptions that can negatively impact the customers and the facility operators. 

BriteWay-XR is also ideal for making busy indoor places like railway stations more accessible for the vulnerable and disabled. It includes visual, haptic and voice navigation to guide all customers through indoor spaces. With a precision of less than 1 metre, it creates optimised, step-free routes, allowing operators to meet their inclusion and compliance goals. The augmented reality and virtual reality technologies used, make it particularly attractive for railway stations as it allows:

  • Accurate indoor positioning without the use of GPS
  • Intuitive digital mapping of the entire premises
  • Personalised navigation based on different mobility requirements
  • Self-service navigation on site
  • A hosted solution available on the web and mobile devices

That’s not all. The application’s interactive virtual tours help staff and customers pre-plan their visit to railway stations and familiarise them with all the areas and locations within the complex. They can experience what the venue feels like in advance, click and interact with the facilities to rehearse their visit, and pre-purchase items for collection on arrival. For the disabled, it is a vital support to avoid the anxiety and health risks of using public facilities, especially rail transportation hubs.

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