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Indoor Wayfinding

Help customers navigate and discover your venue on-site and before arrival through  BriteLocate powered apps.

Improve Revenues

Help visitors find more of the places and things they want in your venue to increase customer spend.

Innovative Customer Experience

Delivered through our in-app content and advertising in virtual and augmented reality.

More Time Less Stress

Virtual and Augmented Reality wayfinding allows visitors to find their way around indoor spaces more easily, creating more time to enjoy.

Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Users can explore the venue in Virtual Reality before arrival improving accessibility and mobility.

The solution is based on our multi-wireless signal harvesting and smartphone sensor fusion technology. It enables indoor mapping and switches to GPS seamlessly outside your venue to guide people on their onward journey.


Our class leading location accuracy indoors Indoor Positioning BriteLocate indoor positioning engine provides indoor location accuracy indoors from <1m to 2m.


Seamlessly provides photo-realistic or blue dot navigation within your application. It allows pedestrians to find their way around your venue in 2D or using our unique 3D or virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) interface.


We empower your applications with capability for indoor wayfinding. Our SDK gives developers the powers of indoor navigation.

Integration Ready

BriteLocate is our world leading cloud platform for indoor positioning, navigation, and tracking in virtual and augmented reality.


It provides a complete end to end solution for operators that want to create virtual and augmented reality indoor mapping, wayfinding, and asset management applications with real world location insights.

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