Briteyellow is delighted to be showcasing its ground breaking indoor footfall monitoring technology at the UK’s Digital Catapult. Briteyellow’s BScanner counts people and monitors how they flow indoors, presenting the aggregated data in a user-friendly way to operators who can then use the insights for better planning and decision making.

“People are used to using the satellite maps to navigate outdoors but normal satellite Global Positioning Systems (GPS) do not work indoors,” said Fredi Nonyelu. “We get around this by creating 3D digital maps of places such as stations, airports, and shopping malls.


“These digital maps are a virtual reality simulation – a digital twin – of the real indoor world.”


The BScanner allies this virtual reality with footfall monitoring technology that provides high resolution people counting for applications. The data can then be presented to operators in a user-friendly way for them to make better decisions. Fredi explains: “If the data shows that people flows are causing obstructions or delays, then venue operators can make changes to improve the flow of customers indoors. Customers will then have an improved experience of venues. The data can use be used to improve asset management.”


Briteyellow’s in-building maps can also enhance third party applications, like journey planners and loyalty and reward schemes, which are integrated through Briteyellow’s application interfaces giving a seamless transition from existing outdoor maps.

The company’s leading indoor location and navigation solutions have received industry recognition: a winner of the ICT Tech Pioneer 2018 awards, a WTOIP Global Top 30 technology company in 2018, and is now showcased by Digital Catapult’s Future Networks Lab.