We are delighted to share that Briteyellow has secured funding from the Design Age Institute (DAI) at the Royal College of Art for developing an innovative app as part of the Transport & Mobility Pathfinder Innovation Programme, supported by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Healthy Ageing Challenge, delivered by Innovate UK, the UK’s national innovation agency. The transport app, based on our pathbreaking AR and VR indoor wayfinding technology, BriteWay, is being developed in partnership with Studiomade, a creative agency specialising in design solutions for healthcare brands. 

About The Programme

The DIA’s Mobility Pathfinder Innovation Programme seeks inspirational, life-enhancing ideas, prototypes, or plans to reimagine how mobility support can better help a rapidly ageing population to stay connected, active, and independent for longer. It offers seed funding of up to £70K and design management support and mentoring from its team of experts in design for healthy ageing to individuals and enterprises with innovative ideas and solutions.

About The App

Travelling is often tiring and distressing, particularly for people with mobility issues. From planning the journey to navigating expansive transport venues, every part of the experience before the actual journey can be overwhelming for people with access needs. It is why, Briteyellow has developed a unique tech solution that can tackle these challenges and help people plan and enjoy their travel experiences from start to finish. BriteWay integrates AR and VR with Blue Dot navigation for advanced wayfinding and navigation through indoor venues like railway stations. It comes with several exciting features that make it ideal for developing into a dedicated indoor navigation app, such as:

  • High-definition AR guidance for faster wayfinding
  • Smarter journey planning and remote interaction with VR
  • Enhanced assistance and guidance for customers
  • Insights to help drive more footfall and increase revenue
  • Forecasts to help enhance visitor safety and improve resource availability and operational efficiency

The idea behind developing a transport app based on BriteWay is to empower people to plan and make journeys they otherwise wouldn’t make and help them find their way around large indoor transport venues without stress. Once ready, passengers, especially people with access needs, will be able to plan in advance, see all the facilities in real-time, and navigate their journeys once in transit.

The app is now in the crucial stages of testing, learning, and iterating, with the agency already having received some brilliant feedback from a day of user testing in Newport.

Want to find out more about BriteWay and other tech solutions by Briteyellow? Call us on 0845 557 0520 or email us your queries at [email protected]