“Smart places” software and technology company Brityellow is excited to launch a new scanner node to vastly improve the quality of outdoor location data. The BriteLocate B Scanner node is a part of Briteyellow’s local positioning system (LPS) that provides a 3D location software and IoT platform.


Briteyellow chief executive, Fredi Nonyelu, said: “B Scanner node is a technical breakthrough for Briteyellow, which vastly improves the quality of people-counting and asset tracking outdoors.


“For example, local authorities, and town centres have been using an inaccurate way of counting the number of people using their facilities. The old tech relies on the number of clicks created when an infra-red beam is broken.


“If a crowd of people break the line, then the click count could be just one. However, the B Scanner node does not rely on beams but on electronically noting that the crowd is made of individual entities.


“Our system is a breakthrough in the quality of data available to authorities, business, and government. With better data, those entities are better able to make decisions with more certainty.”


BriteLocate Local Positioning System (LPS) is a software-as-a-service and IoT platform for Local Tracking and Navigation application.


It combines Smart Local Positioning with Artificial Intelligence and involves Multi-wireless technology for higher resolution and resilience.


Briteyellow is a “smart places” software and technology company that help marketing and operation managers or planners, who need better wayfinding or movement tracking in GPS-denied places, or greater insight into people behaviour and asset usage, better performance, productivity, user experience, engagement, and interaction.


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