Britelocate AR
Indoor Wayfinding

Our BriteLocate AR plugin for integration with your mobile wayfinding apps bringing high definition personal guidance with visual indoor positioning and navigation.

Accurate Indoor Location

Visual positioning algorithm allows accurate indoor positioning without the use of GPS

Augmented Experience

Users can easily visualize the route and view and interact with virtual assets.

Personalized Navigation

Different users have different mobility requirements.

Contextual Notifications

Provide timely and relevant notifications for increased engagement.

BriteLocate AR Powered Apps

Help customers navigate and discover your venue on-site and before arrival through  BriteLocate powered apps.

Unlock Hidden Revenue

  • Real-time crowd insights

  • Improve staff efficiency

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Location Aware Advertising

When a customer is at home, an advert for your brand on TV is unlikely to get them to immediately get off the sofa and seek out your product. 

However, receiving a notification when they are right outside your shop means they can immediately act on an offer and get instant gratification!

Starbucks increased sales by over 100% using personalized location aware offer notifications. 

Easy Setup


Venues mapped by our trained and approved partners using our mapping tool.


We process the captured information adding your unique points of interest.


BriteLocate SDK is made available for integration with mobile apps.

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