Public Looking for Practical Virtual Reality – Research

New research released at CES in Las Vegas showed that consumers are more interested in practical, daily-life applications and less in using Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality headsets to play games.


It’s good news for Briteyellow because the research showed that 67% are interested in learning more about a place they are visiting and 54% for shopping for household items and furniture. Our BriteLocate3D application, which works in indoor location, additionally giving venue operators a large amount of usable, valuable data.


The study comprised a survey of 21,000 consumers in 19 countries conducted by Harris Interactive for Accenture. The sample in each country was representative of the online population in each region. The group of those interested in practical VR or AR applications have lower average purchase intent, its larger size provides a sales potential the same as gamers, according to the study.


Here are the interest levels in virtual or augmented reality applications:

· 67% — Learning more about a place they are visiting

· 67% — Want to learn new skills or techniques

· 61% — To visualize how clothes might fit

· 58% — To view 3D manuals

· 54% — Want to shop for household items and furniture

· 47% — To play games


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