How Accurate People Counting Can Help Local Authorities

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

One of the challenges facing local authorities is in understanding accurate numbers of visitors to their locations, where the retail opportunities are, and to understand how or if people are moving between locations.

Briteyellow uses LoRaWAN antennae and WiFi sonars and cameras attached to streetlights to monitor footfall.

The monitors and cameras work to count people, and also mobile phone WiFi indicators which are anonymised to track how that particular indicator navigate around.

The BriteLocate3D platform includes a digital dashboard which is able to give real time and past tracking information.

The data gives local authorities an accurate understanding of how many people are visiting an area, broken down into time slots, normal days and event days.

Briteyellow is able to create bespoke dashboards where location and tracking date can be accessed to analyse how many people are in areas at any time of day or night.

The data can be used to:

  • Provide reliable footfall evidence for future funding opportunities

  • Inform strategic initiatives such as feasibility of a Business Improvement District, or Leisure Strategy.

  • Inform how digital technology could be used for marketing and promotional activities in the town centre retailers and event organisers.

  • Developing an app providing visitors offers, parking information, local guides, retailer and loyalty discounts.

  • Inform their digital innovation and transformation strategy and consider how the LoRaWAN network can help to reduce council’s costs and help to support their residents, communities and priorities by using the technology in other areas such as social care; transport, etc

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