Briteyellow CEO Fredi is in the spotlight

UK-based Black founders face multiple barriers, and receive only a tiny proportion of venture capital investment.

Barclays talked to four entrepreneurs from the bank’s Black Founder Accelerator about why it’s “the perfect programme”.

When Fredi Nonyelu founded ‘smart spaces’ company Briteyellow, he needed the same level of support as anyone starting their own enterprise from the ground up.

“As an entrepreneur,” he says, “you're going to be rejected, no matter what your background is, for different reasons at different times. But if you’re Black, you also have the knowledge that there is bias going on, which you can't lay your finger on.

“Data can quantify that what's happening is actually worse than I imagined – there is something systemic that needs to be addressed to level the playing field.”

For the rest of this feature, visit the Barclays website here: Meet four founders from the Barclays Black Founder Accelerator | Innovation | Barclays (

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