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Spotlight shines on Briteyellow!

Fredi Nonyelu gives his pitch at the Billion Journey Accelerator
Jubilant Briteyellow CEO Fredi Nonyelu

Briteyellow is part of an industry-leading MK:5G Accelerator business cohort.

The Connected Places Catapult set out on a mission to ask Briteyellow’s team a few questions about what it means to be a forward-thinker and a trail-blazer business in the built environment, an industry where novel solutions and cutting-edge tech innovations aren’t always easy to develop and commercialise.

In this Q&A session, the Catapult people spoke to Fredi Nonyelu, Brityellow’s Chief Executive, who has agreed to share his thoughts, insights and reflections on the company’s day to day life.

To see what the questions were and Fredi's answers, visit the SME Spotlight page here: Briteyellow, an SME with a Novel Data Sharing Solution for Built Environment (catapult.org.uk)

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