Increase venue profits and visitor engagement.

Get deep insights into how your visitors move through your venue.

Deliver location aware ads and notifications for most impact.

Increase user experience by offering indoor wayfinding.

Make real-estate management easier with virtual tours.


If you own fixed assets like shopping centers, stadiums or stations its likely you’re already doing everything you can to make those assets generate as much revenue as possible.


Some examples of these traditional methods include: 

  • Selling sponsorship or advertising space 

  • Facilitating commerce 

  • Offering VIP options 

But once you’ve implemented these solutions you’ve got a ceiling and what's more, its likely your competition is using the same traditional methods as you are.

Turn Insights into Profits

Using the Britelocate platform allows data-driven decisions to be made to improve your revenue. ​

Identify shops with low traffic.  

Charge more for shopfronts with higher footfall.

Place important advertising in key locations. 

Reduce congestion if popular shops are right next to each other to distribute customers evenly through the venue.  

Experiment with shopfront displays to get accurate conversion figures. 

Benchmark multiple venues against each other 

Change behaviour 

The Technology

Briteyellow provide two types of location data to support location analytics.  

BriteCounter uses a combination of bluetooth, wifi and vision to provide an accurate count of passing traffic up to a range of 50m. 

BriteLocate picks up specific location of a user and records their path through your venue. This information is gathered from either our britelocate mobile app or you can add this feature to your own apps via the briteyellow  britelocate mobile positioning sdk 

Location Aware Advertising

Using the britelocate mobile sdk you can receive location triggered events (proximity targeting) so that your apps can send notifications to users which are personalised and timely. 

When a customer is at home, then an advert for your brand on TV is unlikely to get them to immediately get off the sofa and seek out your product. 

However, receiving a notification when they are within 50m of your shop means they can immediately act on your offer and get instant gratification.


Location-aware advertising is a sensitive topic and must be handled carefully. We prioritise the handling of user data in a GDPR compliant and secure way which allows you to engage your customers without privacy headaches.

Starbucks increased sales by over 100% using personalized location aware offer notifications.