Location Insights

Connected Data. Actionable Insights.


Briteyellow’s powerful location insights dashboard gives you a connected data platform for real-time information, forecasts and timely alerts to drive greater value and sweat your assets more effectively.

Understand who is inside your places, current occupancy levels, people flows, and get accurate predictions of crowding within specific zones inside your stations, airports, hospitals etc. 

Advance notification alerts allow you to take timely action to mitigate potential risks to public safety, or to optimise performance through more efficient use of resources, and better management people flow movements inside your places.

Contact us to find out how to connect your data with Briteyellow’s location insight dashboard or to harness actionable insights within any dynamic or crowded environment today.


Optimising performance 

Briteyellow’s location insights hub is the perfect way to optimise performance by enhancing decision-making for your staff and customers, without the need to to integrate different products and technologies

Briteyellow implements our state-of-the-art sensors to collect your indoor location data. Bringing together isolated silos of data that are currently disconnected from those that need them. 

Contact us today to optimise performance of your assets with location insights from our wayfinding applications, footfall counters, indoor trackers, care assist, and benefit from increased operational efficiency and revenues from your data. 

Enhancing public safety and confidence

Briteyellow’s indoor location insights dashboard provide tools to help you improve customer confidence to use indoor public places post-COVID.

Real-time insights help you manage people flow, reassure customers, and route them intelligently in a way to avoid over-crowding and conflicts.

Contact us to to find out more about how we can help you enhance public safety and confidence by bringing together data from our wayfinding applications, footfall counters, and indoor trackers.

Empowering customers 

Briteyellow’s location insights dashboard helps you empower customers, through accurate real-time information.

Real-time insights and crowd forecasts for customers help to improve accessibility for all passengers. It also offers the potential to unlock new customer experiences. and reduce anxiety for irregular travellers, or those with mental health issues.

Contact us to find out how you can empower your customers with Briteyellows location insights from our wayfinding applications, footfall counters, indoor trackers, and care assist.