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Wide-Area Wi-Fi Hotzones 
Britezone managed Wi-Fi is Briteyellows' high speed managed wi-fi hotzone and hotspot service for shopping venues, business parks, property landlords, and visitor attractions that span wide areas and different locations. 

High Performance
Providing high performance indoor and outdoor coverage with flexibility and scalability Britezone managed Wi-Fi systems span entire city centres and rural communities

"Smart" Wi-Fi Access
With a one-time registration and password-free authentication Britezone managed Wi-Fi meets the challenge of the independent shopping venues, or multi-site retail operators. 

Instant Wi-Fi Hotspots
For shops and visitor attractions wanting a simple instant Wi-Fi Hotspot for one or multiple locations, Britezone managed Wi-Fi service provides the speed, reliability, and security to meet your needs.

Wi-Fi Tracking and Analytics

Britezone managed Wi-Fi service enables complete service management including bandwidth and content controls, free, paid, private or public access wi-fi with comprehensive WiFi tracking, WiFi analytics and reporting tools to enable performance measurement and quality monitoring. 

Unlimited Branded "Splash" Pages (Captive Web Portals)

Britezone managed Wi-Fi service enables retail clients to re-direct end users to unlimited number of branded "splash" pages, captive portals, and walled gardens in order to provide different user experience at different sites, or to pay for goods and services in different ways securely including via credit card, voucher, or subscription.

Unlimited Active Web Page Re-directions
Britezone managed Wi-Fi enables unlimited active web-page re-directions so venue operators can re-direct users to any web page while they are online. This is valuable when you wish to interrupt an individual session with a message to a specific user or to broadcast service information in real time to all users while they are online.

Wi-Fi advertising (Plus Mobile Marketing
Britezone managed Wi-Fi allows venues to generate new revenues by interactive Wi-Fi advertising and two-way hosted SMS text messaging to deliver digital content and other customer service information to subscribers. Briteyellow also supplies promotional stickers and point of sale materials.

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